Built To Solve A Simple Problem

Every website has a 404 error page -- make yours work for you

Better404 was started to solve a large problem most people don’t even think about - improving their 404 or Error pages. First we thought to ourselves, “Do 404 pages have to be boring?”. The vast majority of 404 pages generate some plain text letting you know that something went wrong. Compare that to a cool image, a picture that makes you laugh, or something interesting that is in tune with your brand - think Twitter’s Fail Whale. Beyond boring, so many 404 pages are useless - they don’t help you find what you’re looking for or let you search for something new or link you back to useful and relevant information.

From that problem and realization, Better404 was built to both beautify 404 pages for visitors and help website owners get some use out of it. From our intelligent recommendation algorithm to our tracking capabilities that help you fix old and broken links, we are making 404 pages better for everyone.